Current Market Conditions

Current Market Conditions End of 2020

The prices have been going up recently because of the shortage of inventory and also the low mortgage interest rates.  If the low inventory continues and also the low interest rates then we are still in a Sellers Market.  This could change in 2021 depending on if the Federal Government raises interest rates up.  California Home Prices are all ways good for a long term hold.  Prices will fluctuate in real estate we have been in a sellers market for some time with a shortage of homes.  If we see more homes come on the market then of course this could change and we could move into more of a buyers market.  Rumor is Federal Government could continue to lower the Mortgage Interest Rates in 2021.  If they do this then homes become more affordable to the buyer and this could continue an uphill trend on prices of real estate. But eventually the Federal Government will hike up the interest rates.  Meanwhile owners of real estate are building large amounts of equity in their real estate investments.  When is a good time to sell your house well of course when prices are up you will get a good profit on your real estate investment.